Sex Without Love


You say your body’s a Temple?

Then let me play your god?

Down on your knees

You tied your soul

To a man who chose to leave

You come at me for mercy

For a temporary release

Do you think that I will stay?

Will you tie your soul to mine?

Are you blind?

Not knowing the price that you’ll pay

Your teeth pierce my neck

You sigh, arching your spine

Nails tear at my back

You feel a flood of love

Seconds later………….

You think that you are mine?

Take my hand and we will go high

High through the clouds above

But baby like the rain you’ll fall

I can’t catch you, your not the one I love

Pouring, The ran explodes

As I’m screaming towards the sky

Dripping down my skin

The Angels begin to cry

Looking down at the world of lies

So dark and full of sin

So many lost the fire of love

Drowning in peaces lost at sea

Wanting that girl that has

“Love you” in her eyes

And their looking right at me

I Loathe this pagan feast

I used to want to fly with angels

Now I rest with broken wings

A tormented, Savage, Beast

Becoming one with strangers

Within me silent screams

But I do not hear a sound

Save yourself your hearts in danger

Wait until she’s found

This spell

Her lips are dripping poison

This witch’s potion

Based with kerosine

I just need one last kiss

That will drop me to my knees

Her eyes are so cold

A sentence in her prison

Is the price that she pays

So look into my soul

Let me blister in your gaze

Her touch lights my fire

Uncontrollable desires

Let it burn Let it burn

The flames are getting higher

Her smile makes weak

Strips away my armor

Im defenseless in her presence

But incapable to harm her

Her body the way she moves

Causes over bearing intoxication

Its impossible to breath

Fearing I will loose

This erotic asphyxiation

I know this witch’s spell

Does not come from up above

Beneath my boot, beneath my heel

So walk with me to hell

let me taste the forbidden fruit

And only heaven I will feel

Are you mine, are we something

Locked within your castle

you are walled in

Im screaming towards your tower

to destroy me into nothing

I have lost my armor

Im am poisoned, without breathing

I’m on fire, yet im freezing

I will never forget this woman

Who holds eternal meaning

As I rest among the lovers

That have fallen

Blinded without seeing



savage-beast-technologies-pandora-streaming“For once I wanted to be domesticated, I could see my celestial cessation. The dark wooden door with omniscient white light seeping through its cracks, reaching for the handle the floor crumbled beneath me, I lost my footing. So here I lay among the fallen, lovers , sinners , saints alike. We are are equals with one thing in common we had bitten the apple from a tree of which a goddess of beauty planted. Even the strongest of men have a weakness for the sweet taste of the fruit that breathes life. We are all fools but who would think something so sweet could turn to venom. Spreading through you veins with no hesitation, infecting souls before knowing we were poisoned. But we are not defeated, not trying to stop the poison letting it consume us. Once the Love has been annihilated we become Savages not knowing if this soulless life is a blessing or a curse. But savages non the less.”

The Fallen

Mom ” I’m tired of falling for people and hitting rock bottom I’m forty years old and alone. I hope you don’t end up like me.”

Son ” I hope I do end up like you, you simply refuse to give up. You fall and fall and get crushed again and again.”

Mom ” Why would you want that”

Son ” Because cant you see the majority of people fall a few times and get hurt, so out of fear they refuse to to look for love and end up settling with a relationship that is safe. Thats why divorce rates are so high and so many married couples are not happy.”

Son” I am not afraid, I will not settle for something safe. I will be crushed as many times as it takes until I find the one. I want to believe that theres someone out there thats for me, someone I can be with and the world just goes away and everything is ok no matter how fucked up the world is. If there is a slight chance that looking for this in life is a fools dream, If its impossible to catch the wind. I will never know because in the final chapter of my life I will still be chasing the wind.”

Mom ” So when do you know when to throw in the towel?”

Son ” Thats simple. When your six feet under. 🙂 free_falling_1280x1024[1]

The little things in life.

Its the little things in life that make you think. I pulled up to a stop light in my purple 2006 Chevy Cobalt right next to a chick who had to be around 18 a little blond sitting in a jet black 2012 Dodge Charger. Wtf a nice refreshing Kick in the manhood to start off my day, ill tell you it was more brisk than a cup of Folgers to wake me up.



Somedays I think the fire is completely gone. What ever I had lit, a lighter held with a small flame or a roman candle bursting with Small explosions in the night. What ever the case may be I think the spark is gone, and for the last five months I can only describe her lips as dripping gasoline. One kiss is all it takes to ignite a passion that burns hotter than white phosphorus, such a combustion that I cant contain in the cage that makes us human. This feeling of loosing control were instinct takes over, its animalistic. What can I say who doesn’t want to take off the leash every now and then its sexy.wolf

Words said

J.J.B ” Be careful in breaking my heart pretty lady, I will be a famous writer someday.” “And I will write about you in such a way this is swear, the day you break my heart thousands of readers will feel my pain.”

Witchcraft I say!

“Did this woman enchant me with a spell?” ” Has this spell become so concentrated due to hell of a lot whiskey topped with a surplus of James Blunt and Dave Matthews?”  Wake up.


I just know it, I’m going to be the fool in the end. At this Point all that she will confirm is that a molecule of her entire being likes me. Should I just walk away? No, I will play the fool as long as that molecule exists at least for a wile.